Grand Prize: Be Inspired: Mr. & Mrs. Shumi Reichman (Monsey)
1. Trip to Eretz Yisroel - Mr. & Mrs. Baruch Stein (Far Rockaway)
2. Sary Wig - Mr. & Mrs. Ezzy Dicker (Clifton)
3. Michele Watch - Rabbi & Mrs. Zecharia Senter (Teaneck)
4. A Day in the City - Mr. & Mrs. Shalom Becher (Brooklyn)
5. Pomegranate - Mr. & Mrs. Reuven Sebbag (Brighton, MA)
6. Amazon Gift Card - Mr. & Mrs. Nesanel Simons (Monsey)
7. Ride in Style - Mr. Zaki Moskowitz (Brooklyn)
8. American Express Gift Card - Mr. & Mrs. Ari Loevinger (Monsey)
9. Blush Wig - Mr. & Mrs. Yoni Wulwick (St Louis)
10. Go Digital - Mr. & Mrs. Moishe Sochaczewsky (Lakewood)
11. Naki Radio - Mr. & Mrs. Yitzi Dreyfuss (Brooklyn)
12. A Girl's Dream- Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Leff (Far Rockaway)
13. Set Your Table - Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Lobl (Far Rockaway)
14. Get Smart - Mr. & Mrs. Avrumi Wachsler (Monsey)
15. Rest Easy - Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel Heineman (Monsey)

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Be Inspired
5 Days together with Rabbi Senter & the Yeshiva on a trip to Lizhensk & Ukraine. (for men only)
Join us for an Opportunity of a lifetime
• Visit the cities of Lancut, Lezajsk, Mezhbez, Berditchev, Uman & Kiev
• Daven at the Kever of R' Elimelech of Lezajsk on his Yahrtzeit and at the Kevarim of R' Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, Baal Shem Tov, R' Nachman M'Breslov & Babi Yar
• Spend Shabbos in Uman
Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Ari Kreismann
לזכר נשמת יצחק אייזיק בן יששכר דוב, צבי אשר בן יחזקאל שרגא הלוי, ר' ישעיה בן משה, פסל בת יהושע
Trip to Eretz Yisroel
A round trip ticket to Eretz Yisroel with an optional one week stay in Yeshiva at our annual Yarchei Kallah
(Restrictions apply, $1,400 Value)
Sary Wig
14" Sary Wig with cut by Mrs. Chanie Dachs of Chanie Dachs Wigs
Sponsored by Sary Wigs
Michele Watch
Sponsored by Molly's Jewelers
A Day in the City
Tickets for 2 to Gulliver's Gate
Dinner at Le Marais
Sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Yechiel Rubin,
1 night stay at the Sheraton Times Square
Pomegranate Shopping Spree
$1,000 Gift Card to Pomegranate
Sponsored by a Talmid In honor of Rabbi Senter
Amazon Gift Card
$500 Amazon Gift Card
Sponsored in honor of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Senter
Ride in Style
Doona Car Seat Stroller
Sponsored by Pish Posh Baby and Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Boruch Birnbaum
American Express Gift Card
$500 AmEx Gift Card
Sponsored by a Talmid in honor of Rabbi Senter
Blush Wig
18" Blush Wig with cut by Mrs. Mechal Klein
Sponsored by Blush Wigs and Mrs. Mechal Klein
Go Digital
128 GB iPad
Sponsored by a Talmid in honor of Yeshiva Aderes Hatorah
Naki Radio
Kosher WiFi Radio Player
A Girl's Dream
American Girl Beforever Doll-Rebecca
$100 Gift Certificate to American Girl Place
Sponsored by a Grateful Talmid
Set Your Table
Service for 12 of Fine China
Sponsored by Set your Table
Circle Magazine
One year subscription to Circle Magazine
Rest Easy
Elegant Twin Set of Linen
Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Levi Krinsky
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